Nothing spreads like a Bull
Nobody Spreads it like a Bull
B.S. Facts
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B.S. Facts
A 50% deposit is required when ordering and the balance as well as shipping costs will be due when the spreader is shipped from the factory in Sabastopol, MS. Below is the required 50% amount for each Bull Spreader model. Click on the add to cart button for the spreader you are ordering and it will take you to the secure on line ordering at Paypal. Once there you can select the quantity you desire and update your cart. If you are ordering two or more types of spreaders return to this page and add it to cart. When paypal pops back up your order will be updated. We will send you an email notification when final payment is due and instruction on how to complete your order at that time.
Knee Deep Inc was founded to provide an effective compost spreader for spreading organic material on lawns and gardens. We are the worlds fastest organic compost spreader for landscapers and homeowners, and thats no Bull.

Our Bull Spreader compost spreaders will spread all types of composted material including cotton burr compost, hog manure, horse manure, steer manure, lamb manure, rabbit manure, chicken manure, turkey litter, vermimeal compost, dried molasses, corn glutten meal, cornmeal, horticultural cornmeal, blood meal, fish meal, mushroom compost, cottonseed meal, composted sewage sludge and even guano.

Composted products we have spread include Black Cow compost, Back to Nature, Natures Finest, Natures Best, Natures Way, Scotts Co. Organics, Aggrand Organics, Biogreen Agro, Earth Friendly, Cofi Organic Fertilizer Inc., Agreawx Organics and Natural Gardener.
The Big Bull: 50% depost - $1,925
The Little Bull Gas: 50% depost - $1,475
The Little Bull Pull: 50% depost - $1,075
The Little Bull Push: 50% depost - $487.50
Thank you for ordering a Bull Spreader.